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Annual General Meetings

The Association’s Annual General Meeting is held in the Spring term, at a venue in central Essex ( or virtually). All clerks are warmly invited to attend the meeting.

Fourteen days notice will be given for the annual meeting or any other additional meeting, which may be called either at the request of the Executive Committee or at the request of 10 Clerks to consider special or immediate concerns. The Executive may choose to arrange additional meetings to promote the aims and objectives of the Association.

The quorum shall be 9 representatives.

Clerks present at the Annual Meeting will elect the Chair of the Association.

Each Clerk attending the meeting shall have one vote and decisions shall be made by a simple majority of those present and voting.

The agenda for each meeting shall be drawn up by the Committee. The agenda for the AGM must include any resolutions submitted to the Committee up to 4 weeks prior to the meeting.

Please contact the ECA Secretary, Sue Leek, if you would like any more information about the AGM.

ECA AGM mins 23.04.18

ECA AGM mins 30.04.19 Approved

ECA AGM mins 19.05.20 Approved

ECA AGM mins 20.04.21 Approved

ECA AGM mins 21.04.22 Approved

ECA Year End Accounts 2023-2024

ECA AGM mins 18.04.23 Approved

ECA AGM mins 23.04.24 – Draft


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